Inclined 2 Loop

3d models of roller coaster track for the desktop.

Welcome to Inclined 2 Loop

This is a pet project, by no means a full time job. I am a roller coaster fan and decided to have a play at CADing up some bits of track, I then thought, hey, why not get it 3dprinted, it would look good on the fire place. I also found that apart from the mass produced toys and diecast models you can find at some parks, there isn't anything like this to buy.

So here is my shop, my designs. If you like them, great!

If you want something more custom, get in touch.

I will be posting here any developments I have in the future. I shall also be posting park/ride reviews if that interests you and some good old iPhone pictures in the gallery.

Thanks for looking, and bear with me while I get the site looking 100%

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